Crescent Vector H220 Board

Product Information

The Crescent Vector H220 GNSS OEM board is the next generation, single-frequency, high-performance GNSS heading, positioning, and attitude module available from Hemisphere GNSS.

The H220 provides integrators with an opportunity for developing sophisticated marine, navigation, and land applications in challenging, dynamic environments. The H220 uses Hemisphere’s advancements in Vector technology, advanced multipath mitigation techniques, and Hemisphere’s patented Multifunction Application.

H220 is capable of providing heading of 0.04° with a 5 meter antenna baseline and either RTK or SBAS positioning depending on your location requirements. With Atlas corrections, the H220 can obtain instant sub- meter accuracy worldwide while being more robust than SBAS even in SBAS regions.

Integrate the robust H220 GNSS OEM board into your applications to experience exceptional heading, positioning, and attitude performance in a compact size. Diversity and cost savings make it an ideal part of your solution for system integrators.