C321+ GNSS Smart Antenna

Product Information

A rugged base station for your machine control jobsite or a rover to assist with grade control checking and construction staking activities.

Hemisphere’s C321+ multi-GNSS, multi-frequency receiver paired with a Windows based handheld device and Hemisphere’s SiteMetrix™ field software platform is the ultimate tool to manage all of your jobsite activities.

  • Grade management
  • Graphical stakeout
  • In-the-field volume calculations
  • CAD layer management
  • Enhanced graphics for data collection
  • Built-in cellular communication support
  • Import/export files for machine control
  • Easy-to-use
  • Create localization
  • Real-time cut and fill information


Use the C321+ as a precise base station sending RTK corrections to your existing fleet of machine control systems and rovers via the internal UHF radio or an external radio of your choice. The C321+ receiver can also be tuned into a network rover receiving corrections from your jobsite base station or via the internet. Market-leading technology delivered at competitive prices make Hemisphere’s C321+ the ideal receiver for your high-performance satellite positioning needs.