Iron One

Product Information

IronOne is a next generation rugged display and computer designed for tough and extreme conditions. Ideal for machine control environments requiring an easy to read display, powerful I/O, and flexible adoption into multiple applications.

IronOne is equipped with an 8” LCD display containing a high-sensitivity touchscreen. Providing an IP67 rating, IronOne is designed to function in challenging environments including machine control. Showcasing an outstanding image quality with a 1280x720 resolution, the IronOne is easy to read and use in low or high visibility scenarios. With the processing power of an Intel dual-core processor, the IronOne will handle large file transfers and complex file formats. IronOne includes 32GB of ash memory with the option to extend the storage capabilities up to 128GB with a MicroSD card.

IronOne runs on a fully functional Windows 10 platform. Allowing complete Windows support with the ruggedness to stand up to the extreme environments of heavy machinery.