Illig Dredge Master

Our Illig Dredge Master is a novelty in hydraulic engineering. The system originally comes from the offshore sector and was designed by us for the European market.

Whether working in river or coastal regions or offshore, everything is possible with this system. Functions, views and tools are tailored to customer requirements. Extremely detailed representations of the machine, data model, overlays etc. and a wealth of functions are unique in the industry.

The latest programming techniques promise absolutely powerful software. Data models with extremely high data volumes are no longer a problem for the display and function of the system. Robust sensor technology, plug connections from the ROV sector, high-performance computer technology, touch screen operation with functions as you know it from your smartphone, and much more, characterize this system.

Must be expensive, you think?
No, it is not.

You need to perform special tasks that no system on the market offers or you would like to have a top-of-the-range system on your machine.
Talk to us, we can certainly find the right configuration for you.