Your precise auto-steering solution
Steering system

Outback Guidance MaveriX

Precise AG solution

MaveriX Steering System

Simple – Performance – Value

  • Available in 10″ inch and 7″ inch display (M10 & M7)
  • Electric steering with direct drive motor in the eDriveESI2
  • Operating range from 1 to 25 km/h
  • Compatible with MFWD, articulated tractors, combine harvesters and self-propelled sprayers
  • GNSS antenna with multi-frequency, SBAS to RTK (radio/radio or NTRIP). Compatible with Atlas PPP correction service
  • Import/export of shape files

MaveriX Terminals

Available in 10″ inch and 7″ inch

  • Pinch to zoom compatible
  • Tablet-like operation
  • Customizable widgets for your own screen layout, depending on your needs
  • Up to 6 different layouts
  • Detailed 3D machine models and extended viewing angles
  • Integrated WiFi to support RTK/NTRIP


Steering motor

  • Easy installation and calibration with the eDriveM1
  • Model-specific kits enable easy installation
  • Whisper-quiet electric steering wheel with high torque
  • Also suitable for vehicles that are difficult to steer


car steering controller

  • 6-axis inertial measuring unit for precise work
  • Simple calibration process for the end customer
  • Integrated valve driver for the num use of Hyd. Retrofit and OEM valves
  • Steering type Straight line, contour, AB contour and circular pivot point
  • Shuffle shift and reverse steering function
  • Supports eTurns
  • Over 1,500 models covered

A631 Antenna

Compact multi-frequency antenna

  • Hemisphere Athena GNSS Engine
  • Atlas Web UI access via WiFi
  • Internal memory for logs, download and upload
  • RTK/NTRIP support